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Education for street childreen

Education is the backbone of a country and hereby the most important human right along the food and cloth for human.
Education helps us to grow against the blockades of human nature.
Education also helps us to different perspectives about each individual.
And to emulsify the needs for the needy Education for street children is the main need for the time.
They are mostly deprived in this sector.

Food for street childreen

To support this initiative we must include food and clothing in order to meet up the need of time. Food helps us to protect us from diseases. Food also gives street children the important vitamins and minerals. Food makes them strong and recharge their youth. Food is the most essential tool for street children to bring them up rightly .  

cloth for street childreen

Clothing protects street children from the sun rays, dusts and diseases.  Clothing guards street children’s body against the unbearable heat .  Clothing protects their muscle from dislocation and seperations. Clothing not only makes them look good from outside but also nourishes their nature. Clothing is first and foremost human right for any human being.It is our duty to help the street children to gain the human rights upright at present scenario.

We Help Many Street Child

Want to Become a Volunteer

We Help Many Street Child

Want to Become a Volunteer

Read The Constitution And Rules Of The Pathshala

Who We Are

Pathshala-a non-profit youth organization.

Pathshala starts its journey on February 03, 2019. It has been in operation for a long. Which been a glorious journey. From the beginning of the organization its been working for achieving five objectives.

The objectives are following :

  1. Work for the education of street children and disadvantaged children. 
  2. Distribute education materials for different timetables to street children and disadvantaged children.
  3. Establishment of the school named “Hat-e-Khari” for the street children and disadvantaged children in different districts throughout the country.. 
  4. Assist them(street children and disadvantaged children) in developing talent around education. 
  5. Organize various educational programs, competitions, and seminars at different levels at the school and College.



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